How We Work



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We want to
make the experience of
getting your dream showreel 
as clear as possible
from the beginning
so we have put
the whole process in
6 simple steps.


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1. Tailoring  Your Reel

The first step is really easy. You contact us to tell us what you need and together we find what packages best suit you.


After you pay the deposit, we start communicating however you prefer; either by email, phone or Zoom. We’ll send you a document with questions. Don’t worry, it’s not a complicated process. It will have questions like what your casting range is or what type of scenes do you need. This is only so we can start devising your script. 


Because we’re always treating showreels and monologues as an industry project, you’re more than welcome to throw in any ideas that you would like to explore, in any shape or form. It is really important for us that you have artistic freedom so feel free to share with us any mood boards, drawings, or even Pinterest boards; anything that might allow you to communicate your showreel's needs.


After that, your first draft of the script will be ready within 48hrs. If you’re happy with it, we fix a date for the shoot.

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2. Zoom Rehearsal

The next step is a Zoom rehearsal. This is of course optional, but we strongly recommend it in order for us to get to know each other and start building that common vocabulary that will really help during your shoot.


During this Zoom rehearsal, we are flexible to work however you prefer and we are open to any techniques you’d like to use. Whether you work with actions, or efforts, Laban or Meisner, or if you just prefer a good old-fashioned talk about the scene; we’re open.


This is also a great way for you to take off the pressure of working with someone you’ve only just met that day.


We usually skip this step when it comes to Self-Tape, but the option is still there for you if you should want it.


 We usually require the rest of the package price 12 hours before the shoot and the shooting itself is the most fun and self-explanatory part.


We will treat it as an industry project. Even though details to do with the shooting itself will be subjective to each showreel we film, shooting normally starts in the morning. Don't worry, we aim to start shooting around 10 AM so you have time to get to the location, make sure that you are happy with your hair and makeup, and run through the scene and everything discussed at least once.

Depending on how many scenes you need, we might have two shooting blocks with a lunch break in between or even stretch the shooting period over two days if you need three scenes. 

All those are just the logistical aspects of it however, our aim during the shooting period is to put no strain on you, take care of every detail and make sure that you have no worry. Your only job on the day is to have fun with the scenes and we guarantee that if you do, your best work will come out. 


3. Filming

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After we wrap the shooting, your worry is done and it is in our hands to finish your project and to make it the best.


We always edit and grade your footage in industry-level editing softwares such as Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. We can ensure the best image quality since your footage will have been shot on a Cinema Camera (BMPCC 4K).

Editing will not take longer than 5 working days and you will have the finished first draft with you in HD quality to assess.

4. Editing Your Reel

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As with everything in filmmaking, collaboration is the key aspect of having a great final product.


That is why we are happy to have a second draft of your edit if you wish us to make any changes. The changes can be as little as cutting on a different frame in the scene or as big as selecting a different take for a shot. As long as the edit doesn't require re-shooting or working with special effects to alter the image, we are happy to do it. 

We are sure that it will only take two edits to achieve a great showreel but in special circumstances, we are happy to do a third edit.

5. Your Feedback


After you are happy with the edit, we transfer your files via WeTransfer in the final resolution with no watermark. 

In the end, you will also receive a recurring client discount if you need any future edits or other packages such as self-tapes or monologue reels. 

6. Receiving Your Reel

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